Course Syllabus

Applied Animal Science


Instructor:  Mr. Justin Graves

Chamberlain High School


Course Description:

Applied Animal Science is a semester long class that will introduce the world of animal science.  The course will cover animals that are raised for agricultural purposes.


Course Topics:

The Livestock Industry

Feed and Nutrition

Animal Breeding

Beef Cattle- Breeds, Judging, Marketing

Swine- Breeds, Judging, Marketing

Sheep and Goats- Selection, Feeding, Marketing

Horses- Selection, Tack, Training

Poultry- Selection, Marketing

Dairy- Breeds, Judging, Marketing

Alternative Animals- Bison, Ostrich, Llamma, Rabbits



Students in Applied Animal Science will be expected to complete all course assignments on time and with at least a 73% average.  Students will also be expected to come to class prepared and ready to work.



Modern Livestock and Poultry Production- 6th Edition


Materials Needed for Class:

Laptop Computer, Reading Book, Pencils, and Paper